Where to Find Fidelity Bank in Accra

Fidelity Bank

In the bustling heart of Ghana’s vibrant capital, Accra lies a network of financial hubs that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. Fidelity Bank, a trusted name in the banking sector, proudly boasts its presence through a web of branches strategically located across this dynamic city. These branches aren’t just physical locations; they represent pillars of financial empowerment, providing a range of services to suit various financial journeys.


As we embark on a journey through the financial landscape of Accra, let’s explore the Fidelity Bank branches that serve as beacons of convenience, accessibility, and personalized service. From the iconic landmarks to the lesser-known corners of the city, these branches stand as a testament to Fidelity Bank’s commitment to shaping a stronger financial future for both residents and businesses in Accra.

Join us as we navigate the map of Fidelity Bank branches in Accra and uncover the convenience and support they offer to the community.

Fidelity Bank Branches in Accra

Fidelity Bank operates a network of branches in Accra, providing convenient access to its services. Fidelity Bank operates 73 networked branches in Accra as of January 2022. The bank strategically places its branches across different locations in Accra to ensure easy accessibility for customers.

Fidelity Bank branches in Accra are located in areas such as A & C Mall, Abeka, Abossey Okai, Accra Central, Accra High Street, Achimota, Action Chapel, and Adabraka. Each branch offers a range of banking services, including account management, loans, foreign exchange, and digital banking assistance.

Trained staff members are available at the branches to assist customers with their banking needs.


Fidelity Bank Branches in Accra

Here are some branches of fidelity Bank in Accra, their location, contact and opening hours.

A & C Mall Branch

Location: New Corporate Building A & C Dev. Com. Ltd. A & C Mall Premises, First Floor, East Legon Accra

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Contact: 0577999850 / 0577999852


Location: Abeka-Lapaz Road, Drugstore bus stop

Contact: 0577999839 / 0577999833

Abossey Okai

Location: No. 13 Winneba Road, Kaneshie, Mpamprom, Accra

Contact: 0577999830 / 0577999832

Accra High Street

Location: City Car Park Building, High Street, Accra

Contact: 0577999537


Location: Plot No 8 & 9 Hospital Road-Accra Central Post Office Building On the Asafoatse Narttey Road.

Contact: 0577999822 / 0577999826

Action Chaple

Location: New Corporate Building Action Chapel Premises-Action Chapel Spintex Road

Contact: 0577999815 / 0577999811


Location: Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Road Opposite Roxy Cinema, Adjacent NCR

Contact: 0209532548


Location: Millenium Plaza Building, Washing Bay Junction, Adenta-Frafraha Rd. Near Grace Filling Station

Contact: 0577999796 / 0577999793


Location: Airport Koala, next to Ci Gusta Restaurant, Airport Residential Area, Accra

Contact: 0577999785 / 0577999784


Location: Plot no L1/ASH/1/A/8 Ashiaman, Greater Accra, Opposite Ashaiman Police Station

Contact: 0577999584 / 0577999597 / 0577999599

Dansoman Main

Location: No. 1A Dansoman Highstreet, Sahara Total Filling Station

Contact: 0577999677 / 0577999676


Location: Obrempong Plaza opposite Heavy Do Chop bar

Contact: 0577999674 / 0577999673


Location: Daniel Twum Jnr. Memorial Building, Adjacent Unique Floral near Sid Theatre, Dzorwulu

Contact: 0577999647 / 0577999644


Location: Off Haatso Atomic Road, Approximately 200 Meters to Haatso Total Filling Station

Contact: 0577999606 / 0577999603


Location: Engen Filling Station, IPS Legon

Contact: 0577999486 / 0577999483


Location: Opposite Kaneshie Market Complex

Contact: 0577999449 / 0577999440


Location: Block 6 No. 115 Block Endless Hotel Ltd-Kantamanto, Near Second Hand Dealers Market, Accra

Contact: 0577999421 / 0577999420


Location: 602 New Town Road

Contact: 0577999386 / 0577999387

Kwame Nkrumah Avenue

Location: Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Road Opposite Roxy Cinema, Adjacent NCR 

Contact: 0577999377 / 0577999371


Location: The right side of the junction leading to Metro TV from Morning Star

Contact: 0577999329 / 0577999325


Location: Plot no. 158, George Walker Bush Motorway extension, Nee Boi Town, North Abeka.

Contact: 0577999615 /  0577999613


Location: Parcel no. 537, Block 2, Section 101, opposite Nima Market

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Contact: 0577999317 / 0577999310

Madina Market

Location: Madina, Between old and new market, near Nkulenu  Factory

Contact: 0577999298  / 0577999290

Madina Branch

Location: Adjacent to Union Savings and Loans, on the bypass to Madina Trotro station, 100m away from Madina Zongo junction.

Contact: 0577999307 / 0577999301

Mamprobi Post

Location: Mamprobi Post Office, Main Traffic Light

Contact: 0577999273


Location: Akushika Mall, Parcel No. 95. Block 8 Section 67

Contact: 0577999252 / 0577999251

Nungua Brigade

Location: Opposite Nungua Police Station (Kpeshie Divisional Head Quarters)

Contact: 0577999249 / 0577999239


Location: SIC  Island Building at Okaishie near Makol

Contact: 0577999236 /  0577999231

Osu Danquah

Location: CircleDiagonally opposite the Osu Shopping Mall

Contact: 0577999583 / 0577999576 / 0577999570


Location: Registrar Generals Department

Contact: 0577999086

Ridge Tower1

Location: 10 Ambassadorial Enclave, Ridge-Accra

Contact: 0272463111 / 0272463222 / 0272463444 / 0272463777

Ring Road Central

Location: Plot 76 Ring Road Central, Opposite Busy Internet, Accra

Contact: 0577999228 / 0577999225


Location: Opposite Standard Chartered Bank Okpoi Gonno

Contact: 0577999517 / 0577999510 / 0577999513

Tema Community 25

Location: Tema community 25 mall buildingDevtracco junction.

Contact: 0577998799 / 0577998755

Tema Community Two

Location: Salifu Dagati Street Near Adom Fm Station Comm. Two, Tema

Contact: 0577998956 / 0577998988

Tema Main

Location: Town Centre, Meridian Area, TC/MKT/A/129

Contact: 0272464111 / 0272464222 / 0272464777

Tema Safe Bond

Location: Bond House, Safe Bond Building Container Terminal Comm. Two, Tema

Contact: 0577998722 / 0577998711


Location: Tesano-Achimota Trunk Road, Orange Height, 3 Blocks before Ship House, Tesano, Accra

Contact: 0272461888 / 0272461999

Trade Fair

Location: Plot No. 57, La. Opposite Ist Entrance to the Trade yard from Cantonment

Contact: 0577999529 / 0577999522

Tudu Main

Location: Hse No. E1/2, Fire Service Traffic Light (Near Tudu Station)

Contact: 0577999896 / 0577999891

Services Offered at Fidelity Bank

Account Management: Customers can open and manage various types of accounts, including checking, savings, and cash management accounts. Fidelity Bank offers online banking services that allow customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills. Customers can also use Fidelity Bank’s mobile banking app to access their accounts, deposit checks, and make payments.

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Loans: Fidelity Bank offers personal loans, auto loans, and home equity loans to its customers. Customers can also apply for business loans and lines of credit.

Foreign Exchange: Fidelity Bank provides foreign exchange services to its customers, allowing them to buy and sell foreign currencies.

Digital Banking Assistance: Fidelity Bank offers assistance with digital banking services, including online banking and mobile banking. Customers can contact Fidelity Bank’s customer service team for help with digital banking services.

Technology Integration

Fidelity Bank incorporates technology into its branch operations to enhance customer experience and provide efficient banking services through their ATM and Self-Service Kiosk and their Digital Banking Options.

Fidelity Bank branches are equipped with ATMs that allow customers to withdraw cash, check account balances, and perform other basic transactions. Self-service kiosks are available at some branches, providing customers with convenient access to various banking services.

For digital banking, Fidelity Bank offers online banking services, allowing customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills through a secure online platform. The bank also provides a mobile banking app that enables customers to access their accounts, deposit checks, and make payments using their smartphones.

The integration of technology helps streamline processes and reduce wait times, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Fidelity Bank’s Operating Hours

Fidelity Bank branches in Accra generally operate from Monday to Friday, with standard banking hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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In a city as dynamic and diverse as Accra, Fidelity Bank’s network of branches serves as essential pillars of financial accessibility and empowerment. From the heart of the city to its outskirts, these branches have woven themselves into the fabric of the community, offering convenience, guidance, and a wide array of financial services to individuals and businesses.

As we conclude our exploration of Fidelity Bank branches in Accra, it’s evident that these locations are not just places to conduct transactions; they are integral parts of people’s lives, contributing to their financial well-being and growth.

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