Vodafone Voice & Data Bundles: Packages and Prices

Vodafone Voice & Data Bundles: Packages and Prices

In a world that thrives on connectivity, Vodafone Ghana is at the forefront, offering a diverse array of voice and data bundles designed to cater to every communication need.


From seamless conversations to smooth data streaming, Vodafone’s packages ensure that staying connected is easier and more affordable than ever.

Let’s delve into the range of options that Vodafone provides under their Voice & Data bundles, focusing on the Red No Expiry – Option 2 category.

Vodafone Voice & Data Bundles: Packages and Prices

Red No Expiry – Option 2: A Perfect Blend of Voice and Data


Vodafone’s Red No Expiry – Option 2 bundles are a testament to how Vodafone is committed to delivering value without the constraints of time limits. These bundles offer a harmonious combination of cross-network minutes and data, allowing users to communicate and browse seamlessly.

  • 4 mins Crossnet and 20 MB Data: For just GHS 0.5, this bundle offers 4 minutes of cross-network talk time along with 20 MB of data. What makes it even more attractive is that there’s no expiry date attached, ensuring that your resources are available whenever you need them.
  • 8 mins Crossnet and 40 MB Data: Priced at GHS 1, this package provides 8 minutes of cross-network talk time and 40 MB of data. This well-rounded bundle is perfect for users who want a bit more talk time and data without worrying about their usage window.
  • 16 mins Crossnet and 90 MB Data: For GHS 2, users get 16 minutes of cross-network talk time and a generous 90 MB of data. This bundle is designed for those who seek extended connectivity and data for various online activities.
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Unlimited Connectivity with No Expiry – Option 1

In this category, users can enjoy both voice and data benefits without the burden of expiration:

  • 9 mins Crossnet and 9 MB Data: Priced at GHS 0.5, this bundle gives you 9 minutes of cross-network talk time and 9 MB of data. It’s perfect for light users who want a quick data boost for essential online tasks.
  • 18 mins Crossnet and 18 MB Data: At just GHS 1, this package offers 18 minutes of cross-network talk time and 18 MB of data. It’s a step up for those who require a bit more data without a time constraint.
  • 36 mins Crossnet and 36 MB Data: Priced at GHS 2, this bundle is designed for moderate users who need a balanced mix of talk time and data, providing 36 minutes of cross-network talk time and 36 MB of data.

BOSSU Bundles: Flexibility and Affordability

Vodafone’s BOSSU bundles present users with affordable options for both voice and data:

  • 200 mins Voice Deewa: Priced at just GHS 0.50, this bundle offers a substantial 200 minutes of Deewa talk time, making it ideal for those who prioritize voice communication.
  • 60 mins Voice and 104MB Data Daily Offer: For GHS 2.15, you get 60 minutes of talk time and 104MB of data, valid for a day. It’s a perfect solution for users with specific communication needs within a short timeframe.
  • 5GB Data for 15 days: Priced at GHS 43.50, this bundle provides a sizable 5GB of data that’s valid for 15 days, catering to users with higher data requirements.

Freedom Offers and Red Offers: Flexibility in Communication

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Vodafone extends its commitment to connectivity with two more categories:

  • Freedom Offers: Ranging from 40 Freedom Units to 200 Freedom Units, these bundles provide a flexible way to communicate and browse with varying amounts of resources, catering to different needs and budgets.
  • Red Offers: With Red 1, Red 2, and Red 5, users have options for 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day packages, respectively. These bundles are ideal for those who need a concentrated burst of connectivity for a short period.

In conclusion, Vodafone Ghana’s Voice & Data bundles exemplify the company’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for every communication requirement.

With a range of options that encompass cross-network minutes, data, and a variety of price points, Vodafone ensures that staying connected is convenient, affordable, and seamlessly integrated into the digital lifestyle of today.

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