Ghana Library Authority Locations in Accra

Ghana Library Authority Locations in Accra

The quest for knowledge is a timeless endeavor, and libraries have stood as steadfast guardians of learning throughout history.


In Accra, the Ghana Library Authority has woven a tapestry of educational opportunities by establishing a network of libraries that resonate with diverse communities.

These libraries are more than just repositories of books; they symbolize the democratization of knowledge and the empowerment of individuals through access to resources.

In this article, we journey through the various Ghana Library Authority locations in Accra, exploring their significance in nurturing literacy, education, and community growth.


Ghana Library Authority: Accra Central

At the heart of the Ghana Library Authority’s presence in Accra stands the Accra Central Library, a haven of learning that serves as both headquarters and a central resource hub.

Nestled at P.O. Box 2362, Accra, this library embodies the authority’s commitment to cultivating a culture of reading, research, and discovery.


With an impressive array of physical and digital resources, the Accra Central Library bridges generations, offering resources that cater to the needs and interests of learners of all ages.

Ghana Library Authority: Branches

The Ghana Library Authority’s vision transcends the walls of the central library, radiating outward through strategically located branch libraries that facilitate greater access to knowledge and information.

  • Tema Branch Library (GT-018-5391), situated at P.O. Box 324, Tema, serves as an educational oasis for the Tema community, nurturing the thirst for knowledge among its residents.
  • Dansoman Children’s Library (GA-563-6516), an integral part of Accra Central Library, is a sanctuary where young minds embark on literary adventures, forging a lifelong bond with reading.
  • Teshie Branch Library (GZ-058-4604), also under the aegis of Accra Central Library, extends the joys of learning to the Teshie neighborhood, fostering educational growth.
  • Lartebiokorshie Grace Library (GA-364-1675), located at Accra Central Library, is a bastion of education that contributes to intellectual enrichment in the Lartebiokorshie community.
  • Osu Children’s Library (GA-15-8019), nestled within Accra Central Library, beckons young readers in the Osu neighborhood to embark on literary journeys of wonder and discovery.
  • Dodowa Library (GO-0000-0819), an extension of Accra Central Library, brings the magic of reading and learning to the vibrant community of Dodowa.
  • Dansoman Keep Fit Library (GA-563-6516), situated at Accra Central Library, merges the worlds of fitness and knowledge, enhancing community engagement through learning.
  • Edward Akufo Addo Library (GM-114-9936), also found within Accra Central Library, pays homage to a visionary Ghanaian leader while providing resources for educational pursuits.
  • Okaishie South Community Library (GA-311-9866), a part of Accra Central Library, fosters a sense of belonging and community while facilitating learning.
  • Ada Community Library (GH-0000-0000), nestled at Accra Central Library, plays a pivotal role in nurturing intellectual growth and curiosity within the Ada community.
  • Nsakina Library (GW-0630-6233), located at Accra Central Library, exemplifies how libraries contribute to the educational vibrancy of the Nsakina community.
  • Airport Children’s Library (GA-038-1839), situated within Accra Central Library, offers young readers near the airport an oasis of learning and imagination.
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Benefits of visiting the Ghana Library Authority

The Ghana Library Authority’s locations in Accra transcend the role of mere book repositories.

These libraries are vibrant community hubs that empower individuals to enhance their intellectual pursuits, expand their horizons, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Diverse Perspectives: Libraries offer a wide spectrum of resources, spanning genres, cultures, and disciplines. By catering to diverse interests, they encourage the exploration of new ideas and viewpoints.

Educational Growth: The availability of scholarly materials, research papers, and educational resources equips students and learners with the tools they need to engage in comprehensive research and academic growth.

Community Engagement: Libraries foster community connections by providing spaces where individuals from various backgrounds can come together to learn, exchange ideas, and grow together.

Lifelong Learning: These libraries instill a love for learning that transcends formal education. Through engaging materials and resources, they promote continuous personal and intellectual development.


The presence of Ghana Library Authority locations in Accra embodies the transformative potential of knowledge and education.

By establishing libraries in diverse neighborhoods, the authority has laid the foundation for a brighter future where every individual can access information, broaden their understanding, and enrich their lives.

These libraries stand as living testaments to the enduring power of education and the belief that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds.

As Accra’s residents engage with these vibrant centers of learning, they are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and community enrichment that will resonate for generations to come.

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