4 Ways to Bank With GTBank

4 Ways to Bank With GTBank

Banking is no longer confined to traditional brick-and-mortar branches. With GTBank, you have the power to bank your way, anytime and anywhere.


We offer a range of convenient banking methods that cater to your preferences, ensuring that managing your finances is seamless, efficient, and accessible.

Discover the diverse ways you can bank with GTBank and experience the freedom of modern banking.

You can also check the shortcode for Access Bank if you have an account with them.


1. ATM Services: Access Your Funds Anytime

GTBank understands the importance of accessible funds.

That’s why we’ve established an extensive network of ATMs that grant you 24/7 access to your money.


With over 70% of your transactions possible through our ATMs using your debit card, you’re in control of your financial activities.

Here are some benefits of our ATM services:

  • Balance Enquiry: Check your account balance effortlessly.
  • Cash Withdrawals: Access cash whenever you need it.
  • Mini Account Statements: Print mini statements for transaction tracking.
  • Funds Transfer: Transfer funds seamlessly between accounts.
  • Mobile Phone Airtime Vending: Top up your phone’s airtime on the go.
  • Bills Payment: Settle bills quickly and conveniently.
  • Cardless Withdrawals: Access your mobile money wallet without a card.
  • Receive Visa Money Transfer: Receive funds from anywhere with your Visa Card.
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2. Bank 737: A Suite of Services in Your Hands

With Bank 737, GTBank brings banking to your fingertips.

Whether it’s opening an account, transferring funds, paying bills, purchasing airtime or data, or accessing in-branch services, you can do it all from your mobile phone.

Here’s what you can achieve with Bank 737:

  • Open an Account: Initiate the account opening process.
  • Funds Transfer: Move money between GTBank accounts and other banks.
  • Bill Payment: Settle bills conveniently.
  • Buy Airtime and Data: Top up your mobile services seamlessly.
  • Access In-Branch Services: Extend your reach without visiting a branch.

3. Cards: Banking Convenience in Your Pocket

GTBank’s cards offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With cash withdrawals and other ATM transactions available 24/7, you have continuous access to your funds.

Some key benefits of GTBank cards include:

  • Convenience: Access cash and make transactions any time of day.
  • Simplicity: Transact more easily than with cheques or cash.
  • Funds Transfer: Move money between GTBank Visa cards or linked accounts.
  • Record Keeping: Transactions are automatically recorded on your bank statement for easy expense tracking.

4. Internet Banking: Unleash Limitless Banking

GTBank Internet Banking empowers you with unlimited access to your accounts through cutting-edge technology.

Perform over 90% of your bank transactions online and in real-time. Explore the features that make Internet Banking a game-changer:

  • 3rd Party Transfers: Transfer funds between your accounts and other banks.
  • Account Monitoring: Check balances, monitor transactions, and print statements.
  • Bill Payment: Settle utility bills and transfer funds with ease.
  • Cheque Management: Request, confirm, and stop cheques.
  • Profile Management: Update personal details and change passwords.
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Choose Your Banking Path

With GTBank, you’re not limited by time or location. We empower you to bank according to your preferences and needs.

Whether you prefer the convenience of ATMs, the versatility of Bank 737, the accessibility of cards, or the limitless capabilities of Internet Banking, the choice is yours.

Embrace modern banking with GTBank and redefine your financial journey. Your banking experience, your way.

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