Dzata Cement: Location and Price

Dzata Cement

Dzata Cement is a company that stands out for its dedication to excellence and accessibility when it comes to construction projects in Ghana. As one of the top cement producers in the nation, Dzata Cement has made a name for itself as a dependable provider of premium cement, enabling builders and developers to build long-lasting structures in a variety of industries.


This article will look at Dzata Cement’s competitive pricing and where you can find Dzata Cement whenever or wherever you need it.

About Dzata Cement

Dzata cement is among the popular cement brands in Ghana. It has been known for its high quality and affordability. Dzata Cement is a fully Ghanaian-owned cement company that operates a cement processing factory in Tema, Ghana.


Dzata Cement is owned by Ibrahim Mahama brother of the former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. A 10-acre plot of land adjacent to Dangote Cement and the Tema port houses the factory.

The approximately $200 million plant is anticipated to manufacture 120 bags per minute on average from its two production lines and about 1,200 direct jobs in Ghan.

The company started commercial production in 2021 and has a bagging plant with a capacity of 1.2 million metric tons per year. Dzata Cement aims to become the number one cement manufacturer, supplier, and distributor in Ghana by 2030.

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Dzata Cement offers various types of cement, including Portland 42.5 R, Portland 42.5 N, and White Cement.

Talk of quality, durability and affordability when it comes to purchasing cement and you will hear the name Dzata cement on the lips of almost every Ghanaian.

Prices of Dzata Cement

Dzata cement is one of the least expensive cement in Ghana in terms of cost. It is offered in 25kg and 50kg bags. Prices range from about GHS 50.00 to 180.00 depending on type and quantity.

The location, dollar exchange rate, and amount of cement purchased all have an impact on cement pricing, though.
For accurate and current information on their prices, it is best to speak with the nearby stores directly.

Where to Purchase Dzata Cement

Dzata Cement is a Ghanaian-owned cement company that produces and distributes high-grade bagged and bulk cement. Here are some locations and contacts to purchase Dzata Cement in Ghana:

Dzata Cement Company Limited, Accra

Location: Tema Harbour Enclave, Opposite APM Terminal, Tema. Ghana

Contact: 055 155 6888 | 055 155 7888 | 055 155 9888


Opening Hours: 5 am to 5 pm

You can also contact Dzata Cement’s Sales and Marketing Specialist on LinkedIn for more information.

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What types of cement does Dzata Cement offer?

Dzata Cement offers various types of cement, including Portland 42.5 R, Portland 42.5 N, and White Cement. For pricing and specifications, it is recommended to contact them directly.

What is the quality of Dzata Cement products compared to other cement brands?

Dzata cement is made from a combination of clinker, gypsum and other materials that helps enhance its durability and performance. The company also uses technology deployed by German developers Haver & Boecker for its bagging operations.

Last but not least, Dzata Cement has become a prominent player in Ghana’s building industry by providing premium cement products that adhere to exacting quality standards. Dzata Cement guarantees flawless delivery to numerous development projects across the country because of its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and advantageous locations.

Dzata Cement is a desirable option for builders and developers looking for affordable yet dependable solutions for their projects due to the reasonable prices yet quality products it offers.

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