Shortcodes for Vodafone Services

Shortcodes for Vodafone Services

In today’s rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, convenience reigns supreme. Vodafone Ghana, a frontrunner in the industry, is committed to delivering a seamless experience to its subscribers.


Enter Vodafone shortcodes – the gateway to unlocking a multitude of services at your fingertips.

From checking your balance to managing data bundles and more, these shortcodes are designed to streamline your interactions with the network.

Join us on a journey through the world of Vodafone shortcodes, empowering you with easy access to services and enhancing your mobile experience.


If you are a subscriber of MTN, you can also check out their bundles here

Unveiling the World of Vodafone Shortcodes

Balance and Airtime

  • *134*PIN# – New Recharge Code: Easily reload your airtime with a simple shortcode.
  • 100 – Customer Care: Connect with Vodafone’s customer care for assistance.
  • *124# – Balance Enquiry: Check your credit balance swiftly and effortlessly.
  • 108 – Voicemail Deposit (Formerly 2020): Deposit voicemail messages for recipients.
  • *127# – Check Your Vodafone Mobile Number: Quickly retrieve your Vodafone mobile number.

Data and Bundles

  • *125# – Browser Packages: Explore Vodafone’s diverse browser packages.
  • *700# – Access Data Bundle Menu: Navigate through data bundles and promos.
  • *126# – Check Data Bundle and Promo Balances: Stay informed about your data usage.
  • *505# – Borrow Credit: In need of credit? Borrow conveniently with this shortcode.
  • *700*4# – Bundle Data for Someone: Gift data bundles to friends and family.
  • *700*1# – Bundle for Two Devices: Activate bundles for multiple devices with ease.
  • *700*7# – Manage Pay-As-You-Go: Choose to stop or continue with Pay-As-You-Go when your data bundle expires.
  • *900# – Check Your Broadband Balance: Keep track of your broadband balance effortlessly.
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Mobile Money and Services

  • *516# – Transfer Credit to Another Number: Share credit seamlessly with this shortcode.
  • *117old pinnew pin*new pin# – Change Credit Transfer Password: Update your credit transfer password with ease.
  • *463# – Manage Paid Subscriptions: Effortlessly manage your paid subscriptions.
  • *700*7# – Vodafone Red Offers: Explore Vodafone Red offers designed for you.
  • *500# – Blackberry Offers: Discover special offers for Blackberry devices.
  • 655 – Support Text Number: Access support via text for quick assistance.

Miscellaneous Services

  • 585 – Caller Tunes (Formerly 134): Set personalized caller tunes to enhance your calls.
  • *5160208 xxx xxx5*1234# – Transfer Credit in Cedis Only: Share credit in Ghana cedis with recipients.
  • *5160208 xxx xxx0301234# – Transfer Credit in Cedis & Pesewas: Share credit in both cedis and pesewas effortlessly.
  • 0501000300 – WhatsApp Line: Connect with Vodafone’s dedicated WhatsApp line.
  • *127*11# – General News: Stay updated with general news via this shortcode.
  • 109 – Voicemail Receiving: Retrieve voicemail messages sent to you.

Special Services and Alerts

  • Dial 555 – Family and Friends: Manage your family and friends list for convenience.
  • 655 – Support Text Number: Reach out for support through text messages.
  • PORT to 600 – Number Portability: Explore the option of number portability.
  • *151# – Vodafone Product and Service Information: Access comprehensive information on Vodafone’s offerings.
  • *565# – Reserve Your Number: Safeguard your number to avoid losing it.

Embrace Convenience with Vodafone Shortcodes

Vodafone shortcodes are your ultimate toolkit for effortless communication and connectivity. Whether you’re managing data bundles, checking your balance, or exploring exciting offers, these shortcodes make every interaction with the network a breeze.

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Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to providing unmatched convenience is reflected in these carefully curated shortcodes.

So, embark on your journey to simplified communication, and empower your mobile experience with Vodafone’s versatile and user-friendly shortcodes.

Discover, engage, and stay connected effortlessly with Vodafone’s world of shortcodes!

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