Shortcodes for MTN services

Shortcodes for MTN services

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, convenience is paramount. MTN Ghana recognizes this and has equipped its subscribers with a wide array of shortcodes, offering quick and easy access to an array of services.


From checking your balance to activating bundles, sharing credits to exploring special offers, these shortcodes are your gateway to seamless communication.

In this guide, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the diverse MTN shortcodes, empowering you to navigate your mobile experience with efficiency and ease.

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Navigating MTN’s World of Shortcodes

Balance and Airtime

  • *124# – Balance Enquiry: Check your credit balance in an instant.
  • *134*PIN# – Reloading Airtime: Conveniently reload your airtime with a simple shortcode.
  • 154[0244000000] – MTN Pay for Me: Make calls and have the recipient pay for the call charges.
  • *506# – Borrow Some Credit: Need credit urgently? This shortcode allows you to borrow credit when needed.

Data Bundles

  • *138*1*1# – Internet Daily Bundle: Explore data bundles ranging from 20MB to 350MB.
  • *138*1*2# – Internet Weekly Bundle: Select weekly data bundles from 25MB to 500MB.
  • *138*1*3# – Internet Monthly Bundle: Choose from monthly data bundles ranging from 300MB to 10GB.
  • *138*1*5# – Internet Social Bundle: Access Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp with this social bundle.
  • *138*16# – YouTube Bundle: Enjoy streaming videos on YouTube with ease.
  • *138*1*4# – Internet Unlimited Bundle: Unlimited browsing option for uninterrupted connectivity.
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Mobile Money and Services

  • *170# – MTN Mobile Money Access Code: Your gateway to the world of mobile money.
  • *511# – Generate Mobile Money ATM Token: Secure your mobile money transactions with ease.
  • *198# – Share Credit with Friends and Family: Spread the convenience by sharing credits.
  • 30037 – MTN Farm Direct: Access valuable farming tips for agricultural enthusiasts.
  • *296# – aYo Recharge with Care: Manage your insurance coverage and transactions seamlessly.

Miscellaneous Services

  • *138# – Internet Bundles and SMS Bundles: Navigate various bundle options with this all-in-one shortcode.
  • *545# – Check Data Usage: Keep track of your data consumption for better control.
  • *175# – Manage Your Subscriptions: Add or cancel subscriptions conveniently.
  • *156# – Check Your MTN Mobile Number: Quickly find out your mobile number.
  • *300*20# – Get Cool Jokes: Lighten up your day with amusing jokes.
  • *400# – Verify Number Registration: Check if your number is properly registered.

Exploring Special Services

  • 1355 – Caller Tunes: Set personalized caller tunes to make your calls more enjoyable.
  • 108 – Voicemail Sending: Easily send voicemail messages to others.
  • 109 – Voicemail Receiving: Retrieve voicemail messages sent to you.
  • *585# – Request Internet Settings: Receive the correct settings for your phone via SMS.

Quick Alerts and Notifications

  • *545# – Check Data Usage: Monitor your data usage for cost-effective browsing.
  • *455# – Accurate Weather Forecast: Stay updated on weather conditions in real-time.
  • *140# – Blackberry Plans: Explore special data plans for Blackberry devices.

In Conclusion

MTN shortcodes are the key to unlocking a world of convenience and connectivity right at your fingertips. From managing your account to exploring exciting offers, these shortcodes are designed to simplify your mobile experience.

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With MTN’s commitment to providing seamless communication, these shortcodes make your interactions with the network effortless and efficient.


Whether you’re checking your balance, activating data bundles, or enjoying entertainment services, MTN shortcodes are your trusted companions in the digital realm.

So, explore, activate, and engage with the world of MTN services with unmatched ease using these versatile shortcodes!

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