Vodafone Black Offer: Eligibility, Price and Package

Vodafone Black

In the realm of telecommunications, staying connected has become an indispensable facet of modern life.


To cater to the diverse needs of its customers and offer an unparalleled experience, Vodafone Ghana proudly presents “Vodafone Black” – an exclusive, invitation-only service that takes telecommunication services to new heights.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Vodafone Black, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the terms and conditions that underpin this premium offering.

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Understanding Vodafone Black

Vodafone Black stands as a testament to Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to providing its members with an unparalleled personal experience that transcends the ordinary.

This distinguished service is open to both Prepaid and Post-paid customers on Vodafone’s network, who are extended an invitation based on specific criteria set by the company.


Members of Vodafone Black gain access to a treasure trove of benefits that span beyond traditional telecommunication offerings.

These benefits encompass a range of features, including handset and device contracts, call plans, and mobile and fixed broadband bundles.

This comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its members.

Vodafone Black: Eligibility and Enrollment

To become a Vodafone Black member, individuals must be existing Vodafone subscribers with a validly registered Vodafone SIM card or have completed the porting process to Vodafone’s network before the commencement date of the service.

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An invitation from Vodafone based on specific eligibility criteria is the key that unlocks the realm of Vodafone Black.

By accepting the invitation and joining the Vodafone Black service, members unequivocally agree to adhere to the terms and conditions laid out by Vodafone Ghana.

Vodafone Black: Benefits and Privileges

Vodafone Black members find themselves in the lap of luxury, enjoying a host of benefits that include exclusive access to high-end handsets and devices, generous call plans, and data bundles that elevate their communication experience.

Here is a glimpse of the enticing benefits that await Vodafone Black members:

  • Vodafone Calls: 250 minutes
  • Other Networks: 5000 minutes
  • Data (GB): 1500 GB
  • IDD: 20 minutes
  • SMS: 1000 SMS

Furthermore, Vodafone Black members are offered the opportunity to acquire premium devices and enjoy unlimited call plans through a consumer finance program facilitated by participating partner institutions.

This ensures that members can experience top-notch telecommunication services while enjoying the convenience of structured payments.

Consumer Finance Plan

The consumer finance program embedded within Vodafone Black presents an innovative approach to acquiring high-end devices and call bundles.

By applying to purchase a particular device through a participating partner’s consumer finance sales channel, invitees initiate the process.

Following the application, the partner institution evaluates and communicates its decision to the customer.

Upon approval, Vodafone ensures the timely delivery of the selected products and services, typically within three working days.

This unique initiative allows members to acquire premium devices and call plans while adhering to structured payment arrangements.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Vodafone Black members are granted special after-sales service and warranties, demonstrating Vodafone’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The warranty periods are as follows:

  • Handsets and Tablets: 12 months
  • Other Devices (Dongles, Mobile Desk Phones, Mifi): 6 months
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During the warranty period, Vodafone Black members can expect repairs for defective terminals, with the possibility of accessory replacement.

However, certain scenarios are excluded from warranty coverage, such as unauthorized modifications, natural damage, and wear and tear.

Membership Termination and Liabilities

Both Vodafone and the member hold the right to terminate the Vodafone Black membership at any time. Sustained membership is contingent upon maintaining a specified minimum spend set by Vodafone.

If this requirement is not met, membership status and its accompanying privileges may be forfeited.

Voluntary termination necessitates written notification to Vodafone, either through a designated Relationship Manager or the dedicated mailbox.

Such cancellations lead to the forfeiture of accrued benefits, rendering the membership card invalid.

Additionally, membership may be revoked due to material misrepresentations or violations of the established rules. In this case, all benefits are nullified.


Vodafone Black introduces a new era of telecommunication services, where exclusivity, personalization, and comprehensive benefits converge.

By offering a rich palette of privileges, Vodafone Ghana creates a platform for its customers to experience telecommunication in a profoundly enhanced manner.

Through its stringent terms and conditions, Vodafone ensures transparency, accountability, and customer-centricity. Vodafone Black represents not just a service, but a commitment to redefining the boundaries of communication excellence in the digital age.

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