Market Price of Ladies Suits in Ghana

Ladies Suits

Ladies suits are a popular choice for women in Ghana who want to look professional and stylish. However, the market price of these suits varies. But what determines the price of a well-made ladies suit? Is it merely affected by the materials and skill used, or does it also reflect Ghanaian women’s ambitions, the dynamics of the global fashion business, and cultural significance?


In this article, we will explore the market price of ladies suits in Ghana, including the factors that affect pricing and where to find the best deals.

Market Price of Ladies Suits

The term “Market Price of Ladies Suits in Ghana” describes the going rate or price range for women’s suits in Ghana’s fashion and retail sectors. This subject includes a thorough study of the variables affecting the cost of women’s suits in the Ghanaian market, as well as trends and the economic, cultural, and social aspects that influence these prices.


In Ghana, ladies’ suits are more than simply clothes; they have cultural importance and combine Western fashion with traditional Ghanaian design. Investigating the numerous elements that go into the cost of these outfits can help you determine their market value.

Knowing the market price of ladies’ suits will empower you to make informed purchasing decisions. It will allow ladies to assess whether the price of a suit aligns with their budget and expectations, ensuring they get value for their money.

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Monitoring the market price of ladies’ suits provides insights into the overall economic health of the fashion industry in Ghana. Price trends can indicate fluctuations in demand, inflation, and the industry’s contribution to the national economy.


So now let’s get to understand the factors that affect the price of ladies’ suits in Ghana and their current price range.

Factors that Affect the Price of Ladies’ Suits

Factors affecting the market price of ladies suits in Ghana include:

Quality of the Fabric

The quality of the fabric used to make the suit can affect its price. Suits made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen tend to be more expensive than those made of polyester, synthetic or blended fabrics. 

Design and Style

The design and style of the suit can also affect its price. Designer suits or suits with unique designs may be more expensive than basic or generic suits. Women’s suits come in a variety of styles, including pantsuits, skirt suits, suit dresses, and suit separates. These various styles and their designs can affect their price.

Brand Name

The brand name of the suit can also affect its price. Designer brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton tend to be more expensive than lesser-known brands.

Availability of Raw Materials

The availability of raw materials can also affect the price of suits. If certain fabrics or materials are scarce or difficult to obtain, the price of suits made from those materials may be higher.

Seasonal Demand

Seasonal demand can also affect the price of suits. For example, suits may be more expensive during the holiday season or during other times of the year when demand is high.

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Current Price of Ladies Suits

As indicated above, the price of ladies’ suits in Ghana is affected by diverse factors. The less expensive ladies’ suits are the ones made of polyester, synthetic or mixed fabrics and these types are sold between GHC 120 to GHC 250.

Ladies’ suits made out of cotton or linen including those from some well-known brands can be bought at a low cost of GHC 300 and a high cost of GHC 800. However, ladies’ suits made of high-quality range fabrics can range from GHC 800 to GHC 2000.

Also, luxurious suits from brands like Chanel, and Louis Vuitton range can be bought at GHC 2,000 and above.

Where to Buy Affordable Ladies Suits in Ghana

If you want very affordable ladies’ suits to buy, you can check Accra Central or any local clothing close to you. But you can purchase ladies’ suits from any professional clothing boutique close to you.

You can equally check out the online marketplace to purchase ladies’ suits. But when surfing the internet be careful.

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It is vital to understand the cost of ladies’ suits in the Ghanaian market. It gives consumers the power to make knowledgeable decisions, promotes regional designers and craftspeople, and helps the fashion sector remain viable. It also has a significant impact on protecting and disseminating the rich cultural history woven into these sophisticated outfits.

The market price of ladies’ suits continues to serve as a compass, directing Ghana’s fashion journey as it continues to step confidently into the international fashion arena. It conveys the narrative of elegance, self-assurance, and the dynamic meeting point of culture and business. In the end, it serves as a reminder that each suit is more than simply a piece of clothing; it is a work of art that captures the very best of elegance.

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