Price of Customised Beads in Ghana

Customised Beads

Customised Beads: Beads have been an integral part of Ghanaian culture for centuries, playing a significant role in the rites and customs of its people. From birth to death, beads are treasured and revered, and they go beyond mere self-expression. Beads in Ghanaian culture are primarily considered items of decoration, but they are also important tools for communication, used to express ideas, messages, and symbolism through the language of colour.


In recent years, there has been a rise in the demand for customised beads in Ghana, as people seek to express their individuality and creativity. This trend has led to the emergence of a new market for customized beads, which has significant economic implications.

In this article, we will explore the significance of beads in Ghanaian culture, the contemporary rise of customised beads, and the economic landscape of the bead market in Ghana. We will also discuss the price of customised beads in Ghana and the factors that affect it.

Price of Customised Beads in Ghana

Historical Context of Beads in Ghana

Beads have been made in Ghana for many centuries, and they were made of various materials including stone, bone, wood, coconut shells, sea shells, clay, and brass. Traditionally, beads have been considered a status symbol representing wealth and financial success. They have been used by royalty to portray their wealth, and they are also used as accessories by dancers in traditional gatherings.

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Beads are used in ceremonies of birth, coming of age, marriage, or death and are generously displayed in festivals and parades.

Before the arrival of Europeans in West Africa, stone beads were produced in Ghana. Various ethnic groups used raw or natural materials available in their locality to manufacture beads. Bead-making is a craft that has been passed down through the generations, and the techniques employed in the bead-making process have been passed down.


The Krobo and Ashanti people have long been responsible for crafting beautiful, vibrant glass beads. Today, the Krobo region is still well known for the manufacture of glass beads.

Waist beads are predominantly worn by women and symbolise sensuality, spiritual welfare, fertility, and femininity. Nowadays, beads have become such a fashionable accessory.

Beads have transitioned to customisation with bead makers using different styles such as clear translucent beads, powdered glass beads, painted glass beads, and seed beads. Even the names of people are inscribed on beads or on metals and attached to the designed beads.

Now, quite a number of Ghanaians wear customised for fashion especially.

Factors Influencing The Price of Customized Bead

Raw Materials: The type of raw material used in making beads can significantly affect the price of the final product. Beads can be made from a variety of materials, including seed beads, glass, wood, bone, precious stones, and metals.

Artisan Skill and Expertise: The skill and expertise of the artisan making the beads can also affect the price of the final product. Experienced artisans who have honed their craft over many years can command higher prices for their work. The level of detail and intricacy of the design can also affect the price of the final product. 

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Design Complexity and Customization Requests: The complexity of the design and the level of customization requested by the customer can also affect the price of the final product. Customised designs that require more time and effort to create can be more expensive.

Market Trends and Demand-Supply Dynamics: Market trends and demand-supply dynamics can also affect the price of customised beads. If there is high demand for a particular type of bead or design, the price may increase due to limited supply.

Price of Customised Beads in Ghana

Customised beads come in the form of anklets, waist beads, bracelets, and necklaces among others and these various types influence their prices.

Customised Beaded bracelets range from GHC 50 depending on the type of customisation, type of bead and seller.

Beaded Necklaces range from GHC 80 and GHC 100 depending on the size of the necklace, type, design, seller and customisation.

Waist beads are quite cheaper than the other beads but their prices keep rising due to the high demand for waist beads. Waist beads range from GHC 15 depending on the design, number of stringed beads, the size, seller and customisation.

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In conclusion, the price of customised beads can vary depending on several factors. The type of raw material used, the skill and expertise of the artisan making the beads, the complexity of the design, and market trends and demand-supply dynamics can all affect the price of the final product. 

The bead-making industry in Ghana is a significant part of the handicraft industry, and it provides employment opportunities for many people. Therefore, it is essential to support the industry by purchasing customised beads from reputable sources and paying a fair price for the product.

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