Price of Vacuum Cleaners in Ghana

Price of Vacuum Cleaners

Price of Vacuum Cleaners: Are you in Ghana and wondering about the price of vacuum cleaners? Do you want to know what types of vacuum cleaners are available in Ghana and how much they cost? If so, you have come to the right place.


In this article, we will explore the price of vacuum cleaners in Ghana and provide you with some helpful information to guide your purchase decision. We will also answer some common questions about vacuum cleaners, such as what types are available and what features to look for. So, let’s get started!

Price of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are essential household appliances that help keep our homes clean and free of dust and dirt. Here are some of the uses and benefits of vacuum cleaners:



  • Removing dirt, dust, and other debris from floors, carpets, furniture, curtains, and other surfaces.
  • Removing pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens from your home.
  • Prevent infestations by eliminating pests like fleas, bed bugs, and their eggs from carpets and surfaces.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency by removing dust and debris obstructing airflow in heating and cooling systems.


  • Improves indoor air quality by controlling the amount of dust and debris on the floor and in the air.
  • Reduces allergens and prevents allergy breakouts.
  • Improves home hygiene and physical health.
  • Reduces Stress by providing a focused task that can be physically demanding.
  • Saves time and energy by providing an effective way to clean the floor.
  • Easy to use and equipped with suction motors and filters to pull in dirt and dust.
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Features of Vacuum Cleaners

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are several features to consider to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Here are some of the most important features to look for:


Vacuum power performance: This refers to the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and is determined by water lift and airflow. A higher water lift and airflow indicate better suction power.

Motor power: The motor power determines how much suction power the vacuum cleaner can generate. A higher motor power indicates better suction power.

Noise level: The noise level of the vacuum cleaner is an important consideration, especially if you have young children or pets. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a low noise level.

Design and structure: The vacuum cleaner’s design and construction might have an impact on its mobility and ease of operation. Look for a lightweight and user-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Filtration: The filtration system of the vacuum cleaner is important for removing dust and allergens from the air. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a high-quality filtration system.

Accessories: Look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with a variety of accessories, such as crevice tools, upholstery brushes, and extension wands. These accessories can make cleaning easier and more efficient.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Steam and vacuum cleaners: These are versatile machines that combine the power of steam cleaning with the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. They are ideal for deep cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

Handheld vacuum cleaners: These are small, lightweight, and portable vacuum cleaners that are perfect for cleaning small areas, such as stairs, upholstery, and car interiors.

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Cordless vacuum cleaners: These are battery-powered vacuum cleaners that offer the convenience of cord-free cleaning. They are ideal for quick cleanups and hard-to-reach areas.

Upright vacuum cleaners: These are the most common type of vacuum cleaners and are designed for cleaning large areas of carpet. They are powerful and efficient, with a wide cleaning path and a large dustbin capacity.

Canister vacuum cleaners: These are similar to upright vacuum cleaners but have a separate canister that houses the motor and dustbin. They are more versatile than upright vacuum cleaners and are ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and hard floors.

Robotic vacuum cleaners: These are autonomous vacuum cleaners that use sensors and mapping technology to navigate around your home and clean floors automatically. They are ideal for busy households and people who want to save time on cleaning.

Current Price of Vacuum Cleaners in Ghana

The price of vacuum cleaners in Ghana varies depending on the type, brand, and features. Handheld and cordless models can cost as low as GH₵ 94. Upright and canister models can cost up to GH₵ 1,500 or more. Steam and vacuum cleaners range from GH₵ 360 to GH₵ 1,250.

Also, online stores have different prices for vacuum cleaners. For instance vacuum cleaners on Jumia Ghana range from GH₵ 99 to GH₵ 2,199. lists vacuum cleaners with prices ranging from GH₵ 288 to GH₵ 600. Melcom sells vacuum cleaners with prices ranging from GH₵ 99 to GH₵ 2,449.

Factors Affecting the Price of Vacuum Cleaners

The price of a vacuum cleaner is influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Power source: The type of power source, whether cord-electric or battery-operated, can affect the cost of a vacuum cleaner. Cord-electric models are generally less expensive than battery-powered ones.
  2. Motor size and number: The size and number of motors in a vacuum cleaner can affect its suction power and, therefore, its price.
  3. Filtration system: The quality of the filtration system can affect the price of a vacuum cleaner. High-quality filtration systems are more expensive but can remove more dust and allergens from the air.
  4. Construction material: The material a vacuum cleaner is made of can affect its durability and, therefore, its price. Vacuum cleaners made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, are generally more expensive.
  5. Brand: The brand of a vacuum cleaner can also affect its price. Well-known brands with a reputation for quality and durability may be more expensive than lesser-known brands.
  6. Quality: The quality of a vacuum cleaner can affect its price. Higher-quality models with more features and better performance are generally more expensive.
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In conclusion, the price of vacuum cleaners in Ghana varies depending on the type, brand, and features. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences, such as the type of flooring in your home, the size of your home, and the level of suction power you need.

Factors that affect the price of vacuum cleaners include the power source, motor size and number, filtration system, construction material, brand, and quality. By considering these factors, you can find a vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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