Market Price of Always Sanitary Pad in Ghana

Always Sanitary Pad

Every month, women face a natural cycle that comes with its unique challenges and responsibilities. One of the most essential items during this time is a reliable sanitary pad. In Ghana, as in many parts of the world, women rely on products like Always Sanitary Pads to stay comfortable and confident.


But have you ever wondered about the cost behind this monthly necessity? Join us as we delve into the world of feminine hygiene and uncover the factors that determine the price of Always Sanitary Pads in Ghana.

Price of Always Sanitary Pad

Always sanitary pads are a brand of feminine hygiene products that are designed to provide protection during menstruation. Always sanitary pads are made of a flexible core made from absorbent cellulose. This material is also used in other items such as tea bags and everyday garments.


Always offers a variety of styles and types of sanitary pads, including Ultra Thin pads, Maxi pads, and Pantiliners. Always sanitary pads are designed to provide up to 8 hours of protection.

Always is a global leader in the sanitary pad category. The brand is owned by Procter & Gamble and was introduced in February 1983.

Always sanitary pads are sold under different brand names in different countries. For example, in Japan, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia, Always products are sold under the brand name Whisper. In Italy, Always products are sold under the brand name Lines, and in Turkey, they are sold under the brand name Orkid. In Spain and Portugal, Always products are sold under the brand names Evax and Ausonia.

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In Ghana always sanitary pads are sold at different prices depending on the type and the store.

Types of Always Sanitary Pads in Ghana

Here are the different types of Always sanitary pads available in Ghana:

  • Always Ultra Sanitary Pad
  • Always Pink Sanitary Pad-Double
  • Always Maxi Sanitary Pad
  • Always Ultra Pad 38 Giga Pack
  • Always Ultra Thin with Wings – Extra Long (7 pads)
  • Always Ultra Thin Pads with Flexi-Wings

Price of Always Sanitary Pad

Here are the prices of some Always sanitary pads in Ghana:

Always Maxi Sanitary Pad 2X Larger Pack – GHS 350

Always Ultra 38 Giga Pack – GHS 50

Always Ultra Thin with Wings- Extra Long – GHS 25 – GHS 53

Always Ultra Sanitary Pad – GHS 25

Always Uktra Value Pack – GHS 60

Always Dreamzzz All-night – GHS 27

Factors Affecting the Price of Sanitary Pads in Ghana

Factors affecting the price of sanitary pads in Ghana include:

Inflation: Inflation can cause the overall cost of goods to rise, including sanitary pads. For example, in Ghana, the cost of sanitary pads has more than doubled in the last year due to inflation.

Supply and demand: The availability of sanitary pads and the demand for them can impact the price. If there is a high demand for sanitary pads but a limited supply, prices may increase.

Production and distribution costs: The cost of manufacturing sanitary pads, including the materials used and the production process, can influence the price. Additionally, transportation and distribution costs can also affect the final price of sanitary pads.

Taxes and import duties: Taxes and import duties imposed by the government can increase the cost of sanitary pads. In Ghana, there have been concerns raised by activists about high taxes on menstrual products, including sanitary pads.

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Brand and quality: Different brands of sanitary pads may have varying prices based on their reputation, marketing, and perceived quality. Some brands may be positioned as premium products and therefore have higher prices compared to others.

Packaging and size: The packaging and size of sanitary pads can also impact the price. For example, larger packs or speciality products may be priced higher than standard packs.

Retail markup: The markup applied by retailers can also affect the price of sanitary pads. Retailers may add their own margin to the wholesale price of the product.

Impact of High Sanitary Pad Prices on Girls’ Education in Ghana

The High Sanitary Prices in Ghana have had a serious and diverse effect on girl child education. Some of these Impact includes:

Increased absenteeism: Girls who cannot afford sanitary pads mostly miss school during their menstrual periods. This can lead to a significant amount of missed school days, which negatively impacts their academic performance and overall education.

Reduced academic performance: Girls who miss school due to a lack of sanitary pads fall behind in their studies, which can lead to poor academic performance. This can have long-term consequences for their future educational and career opportunities.

Increased dropout rates: Girls who miss school frequently due to a lack of sanitary pads may be more likely to drop out of school altogether. This can have a significant impact on their future prospects and limit their opportunities for economic and social mobility.

Negative impact on mental health: Girls who are unable to attend school due to a lack of sanitary pads may experience feelings of shame, embarrassment, and isolation. This can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being.

Increased risk of early marriage and pregnancy: Girls who drop out of school due to a lack of sanitary pads may be at increased risk of early marriage and pregnancy. This can have significant negative consequences for their health, well-being, and future prospects. For instance, there have been stories of girls who in their quest to get sanitary pads became vulnerable and were taken advantage of by some men and are now pregnant denying them a future in academia.

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In a world where women’s health and empowerment are gaining increasing attention, discussing the price of Always Sanitary Pads in Ghana goes beyond mere financial consideration. It’s about understanding the essential role these products play in women’s lives and the overall impact on their well-being.

Throughout this exploration, we’ve come to realize that the price of Always Sanitary Pads is not merely a number on a tag; it’s a testament to the value they bring to women’s lives. From providing comfort during their menstrual cycle to enabling them to engage confidently in daily activities, these products are more than just a necessity; they are a source of empowerment.

The high price of Always sanitary pads in Ghana has significant implications for girls’ education and well-being. As inflation continues to rise, the cost of sanitary pads has more than doubled in the last year, making it difficult for poorer families to afford them. This has led to increased absenteeism, reduced academic performance, higher dropout rates, negative effects on mental health, and an increased risk of early marriage and pregnancy.

In a world that is becoming more conscious of the importance of gender equality and women’s rights, addressing topics like the price of feminine hygiene products becomes an integral part of the conversation.

As we conclude this exploration, let’s remember that the price of Always Sanitary Pads carries with it a message of solidarity with women everywhere. It’s a call to action to ensure that every woman, regardless of her background, has the means to maintain her dignity, comfort, and health. The price is a reflection of our commitment to women’s well-being and a step towards a more inclusive and equal world.

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