KFC Ghana Menu and Prices

KFC Ghana Menu and Prices

When it comes to satisfying your cravings for delicious fried chicken and an array of mouthwatering sides, KFC stands as a global icon in the fast-food industry.


In Ghana, KFC has established a strong presence, offering Ghanaians a delectable menu that caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

From value deals to family treats, and from burgers to buckets, the KFC menu in Ghana is a culinary journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

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Where Can You Find KFC Ghana Branches?

Before diving into the scrumptious details of the menu, it’s important to know where you can indulge in these delightful offerings.

KFC has strategically placed its branches across various locations in Ghana, making it convenient for both residents and visitors to enjoy their favorite meals.

To explore the complete list of KFC branches in Ghana and their contact information, refer to this article.


KFC Menu and Prices

Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure as we delve into the comprehensive KFC menu in Ghana, featuring a wide range of promotions, meals, snacks, sides, drinks, and desserts.

Here’s an extensive list of the offerings along with their corresponding prices:


  • Streetwise 2 Chips – Hot & Crispy: GH₵46.00 – GH₵52.00
  • Streetwise 2 Chips – Original: GH₵46.00 – GH₵52.00
  • Feeli Feeli Bucket – Hot & Crispy: GH₵230.00
  • Feeli Feeli Bucket – Original: GH₵230.00
  • Wicked Zinger Meal: GH₵133.00
  • Fully Load Meal – Hot & Crispy: GH₵110.00
  • Fully Load Meal – Original: GH₵110.00
  • Crunch Burger Meal: GH₵55.00 – GH₵71.00
  • Kyempɛ: GH₵115.00
  • Streetwise Boneless Meal: GH₵38.00
  • KFC Wingman: GH₵80.00
  • KFC Big Deal – Hot & Crispy: GH₵175.00
  • KFC Big Deal – Original: GH₵175.00
  • Zinger Nugget Meal – Mini Krusher: GH₵75.00
  • Zinger Nugget Meal – Drink: GH₵75.00
  • KFC Chicken Rice Bowl: GH₵30.00
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  • Streetwise 5 – Hot & Crispy: GH₵105.00
  • Streetwise 5 – Original: GH₵105.00
  • Streetwise 3 Rice – Hot & Crispy: GH₵75.00
  • Streetwise 3 Rice – Original: GH₵75.00
  • Streetwise 3 Chips – Hot & Crispy: GH₵70.00
  • Streetwise 3 Chips – Original: GH₵70.00
  • Streetwise 2 Rice – Hot & Crispy: GH₵60.00
  • Streetwise 2 Rice – Original: GH₵60.00


  • Burger Meal – Zinger: GH₵79.00
  • Burger Meal – Colonel: GH₵79.00
  • Twister Meal – Zinger: GH₵69.00
  • Twister Meal Colonel: GH₵69.00
  • Boxmaster Meal – Colonel: GH₵99.00
  • Boxmaster Meal – Zinger: GH₵99.00
  • Family Treat: GH₵270.00

Chicken Pieces:

  • 1 Piece Chicken – Hot & Crispy/Original: GH₵23.00
  • 2 Piece Chicken – Hot & Crispy/Original: GH₵44.00


  • Zinger Nuggets Bucket: GH₵125.00
  • Mini-Boneless Bucket: GH₵60.00
  • Boneless Bucket Meal: GH₵160.00
  • 9 Piece Bucket – Hot & Crispy/Original: GH₵190.00
  • 12 Piece Bucket – Hot & Crispy/Original: GH₵250.00
  • 15 Piece Bucket – Hot & Crispy/Original: GH₵305.00


  • Veg Burger: GH₵35.00
  • Zinger Tower Burger/Colonel Tower Burger: GH₵69.00
  • Burger – Zinger/Colonel: GH₵55.00
  • Crunch Burger – Zinger/Colonel: GH₵35.00


  • Boxmaster Zinger/Colonel: GH₵69.00
  • Twister – Zinger/Colonel: GH₵50.00


  • 6 Zinger Nuggets: GH₵40.00
  • 12 Zinger Nuggets: GH₵75.00
  • Lime Chilli Wings – 12 Pieces/6 Pieces: GH₵120.00/GH₵66.00


  • Zinger Dip Sauce/Colonel Dip Sauce: GH₵6.00
  • Side – KFC Spicy Rice: GH₵25.00
  • Large Chips: GH₵30.00
  • Regular Chips: GH₵25.00
  • Extra – Cheese Slice: GH₵12.00
  • Extra – Hash Brown: GH₵8.00
  • Side – Regular Coleslaw: GH₵8.00
  • Extra – Tomato Ketchup: GH₵4.00


  • Coca Cola 300ml/Fanta 300ml/Sprite 300ml: GH₵11.00
  • Water 500ml: GH₵6.00


  • Milkshake – Strawberry/Chocolate: GH₵45.00
  • Regular Oreo Krusher/Berry Krusher: GH₵35.00


From irresistible bucket deals to tantalizing burger meals, and from savory sides to delightful desserts, the KFC menu in Ghana offers a diverse range of options to satisfy your cravings.

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The delectable choices and affordable prices ensure that KFC remains a top choice for those seeking a flavorful and convenient dining experience in Ghana.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for some finger-licking good fried chicken, head over to your nearest KFC branch and indulge in a scrumptious feast!

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