Top 10 Radio Stations in Ashanti Region

Top 10 Radio Stations in Ashanti Region

Radio has long been a steadfast companion, bringing news, entertainment, and a sense of connection to millions of listeners across the globe.


In Ghana’s Ashanti Region, the radio landscape is no different, with a diverse range of stations vying for listeners’ attention.

While it’s easy to assess popularity based on audience size, there’s a world of captivating programming beyond the numbers.

This article highlights the top 10 radio stations in the Ashanti Region, each contributing its unique flavor to the vibrant airwaves.


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Top 10 Radio Stations in Ashanti Region

Top 10 Radio Stations in Ashanti Region

  1. Nhyira 104.5 FM –

Leading the pack is Nhyira FM, a powerhouse that dominates the Ashanti Region’s radio landscape. With a diverse lineup including the compelling ‘Dwaso Nsem’ and ‘Akan News,’ Nhyira FM seamlessly integrates news, entertainment, and culture.


The station’s highly acclaimed ‘Power Sports’ show, hosted by the charismatic Bright Kamkam Boadu, enjoys a massive online following, exemplifying Nhyira FM’s influence.

Boasting impressive engagement on social media, Nhyira FM has a staggering 1.3 million followers on Facebook, cementing its status as a true media giant in the region.

  1. Kessben 93.3 FM –

Kessben FM, a vibrant media house in Ghana, secures the second spot on our list. Renowned for its dynamic ‘Morning Show,’ engaging sports coverage, and diverse programs, Kessben FM remains a staple for many listeners.

Its ability to seamlessly blend entertainment with informative content showcases its commitment to serving a wide array of audience preferences.

  1. Angel 96.1 FM –
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Angel FM, stationed in Abrepo, boasts a captivated audience with its well-crafted programs. From the riveting ‘Morning Show’ to the enthralling ‘Drive Time’ and informative ‘Sports Show,’ Angel FM covers the spectrum of listener interests.

The station’s strategic focus on catchy programming has contributed to its status as one of the most popular stations in the country.

  1. Y 102.5 FM –

Y FM’s rebranding from Anigye FM to a contemporary urban hit station was a strategic move that paid off handsomely.

By offering a mix of genres, Y FM has carved a unique niche in the market. With a range of exciting programs, this station keeps listeners engaged and entertained throughout the day.

  1. Pure 95.7 FM –

Despite being a relative newcomer to the Kumasi radio scene, Pure FM has quickly made a name for itself.

Boasting a lineup of dynamic hosts such as DJ Slim, DJ Aroma, DJ Lamar, and Koo Sebor, the station offers urban programs that have given established stations a run for their money.

The veteran journalist Kwame Adinkra’s impactful morning show adds another layer of allure to Pure FM’s offerings.

  1. Fox 97.9 FM –

As one of the oldest radio stations in the region, Fox FM proudly embraces its tagline, ‘Radio University.’

This station’s longevity is a testament to its commitment to quality programming. With a wide array of social programs, sports shows, and engaging drive-time segments, Fox FM continues to attract a loyal listenership.

  1. Hello 101.5 FM –

Hello FM has earned its place in the hearts of Kumasi’s residents, thanks to its existing programs and collaborations with sister station Peace FM.

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Delivering morning shows and news feeds that resonate with its audience, Hello FM remains a familiar and trusted source of information and entertainment.

  1. Oyerepa 100.7 FM –

Oyerepa FM, a relatively new entrant in the radio industry, has quickly gained traction.

Anchored by on-air personalities like ace Sports Journalist Sometymer Otuo Acheampong, the station offers engaging sports shows, a social program dubbed ‘Oyerepa Afutuo,’ and a gospel drive show that contribute to its growing popularity.

  1. Otec 102.9 FM –

As the oldest radio station in the region, Otec FM has maintained its relevance and listenership since the 90s.

Known for its evening sports and political shows, Otec FM continues to provide a reliable source of information and entertainment to its dedicated audience.

  1. Luv 99.5 FM –

Luv FM, despite losing some of its on-air personalities to other stations, remains a strong contender in the Ashanti Region’s radio landscape.

Its news feed from Joy FM and a range of other programs have ensured its continued presence on the list.


While the top 10 radio stations in the Ashanti Region offer a diverse range of programming and captivate a broad audience, the radio landscape is rich with options that cater to various tastes and preferences.

As listeners continue to tune in, these stations play a crucial role in informing, entertaining, and connecting communities throughout the region.

Whether it’s the seasoned giants or the rising newcomers, each station contributes its unique charm to the vibrant tapestry of Ashanti’s radio airwaves.

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