Prices of Iron Rods in Ghana

Prices of Iron Rods in Ghana

In Ghana’s booming construction industry, iron rods play a vital role as a foundational material for various projects.


From buildings to bridges, their strength and durability are essential to ensure the structural integrity of constructions.

As demand for construction projects rises, understanding the importance of quality iron rods and their market prices becomes paramount for builders and developers alike.

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What are Iron Rods?

Iron rods, also known as reinforcement bars or rebar, are steel bars commonly used in construction to enhance the tensile strength of concrete structures.

They are embedded within concrete to prevent cracks and improve the overall stability of buildings and other constructions.

Importance of Good Iron Rods:

  • Enhanced Structural Strength: High-quality iron rods reinforce concrete, enabling structures to withstand various loads and environmental factors effectively.
  • Durability: Good iron rods resist corrosion and degradation over time, ensuring the longevity of constructions.
  • Safety: Strong iron rods reduce the risk of structural failure, providing a safer environment for occupants and users of the building.
  • Flexibility: The versatility of iron rods allows them to be shaped and customized for different construction requirements.
Prices of Iron Rods in Ghana

Prices of Iron Rods:

Here are some recent prices of iron rods in Ghana per quantity and ton:

  1. 1/4″ 6MM – 550 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 15.50 – Ton Price: GHS 5,000.00
  2. 3/8″ 8MM 30FT – 300 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 18.00 – Ton Price: GHS 5,400.00
  3. 10MM 30FT MILD STEEL – 180 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 36.70 – Ton Price: GHS 6,600.00
  4. 11.5MM (30FT) – 150 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 52.00 – Ton Price: GHS 7,800.00
  5. 12 MM MILD STEEL – 125 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 62.40 – Ton Price: GHS 7,800.00
  6. 5/8 (14MM) – 95 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 82.20 – Ton Price: GHS 7,800.00
  7. 16MM MILD STEEL – 70 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 111.50 – Ton Price: GHS 7,800.00
  8. 20MM – 48 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 173 – Ton Price: GHS 7,800.0
  9. 8MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 210 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 55 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
  10. 10MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 130 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 88.50 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
  11. 12MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 92 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 125 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
  12. 14MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 68 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 169.2
  13. 16MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 52 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 221.2 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
  14. 20MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 33 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 348.50 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
  15. 25MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE – 21 PCS – Unit Price: GHS 548 – Ton Price: GHS 9,800.00
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Where to Buy:

For those seeking to purchase iron rods in Ghana, here are some reputable suppliers:

  • Manuel Johnson Company Limited
  • K. Ofori Limited
  • K. K Peprah
  • Nana K. Gyasi Company Limited

In conclusion, when engaging in construction projects in Ghana, using good quality iron rods is essential to ensure safety, durability, and the overall success of the project.

Understanding the market prices and reliable suppliers can aid builders and developers in making informed decisions while contributing to the continued growth of Ghana’s thriving construction industry.

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