MTN Mashup & Call Packages: Prices and Packages

MTN Mashup & Call Packages: Prices and Packages

Are you in search of the latest MTN call packages in Ghana?


This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about MTN call packages, including the MTN Mashup code and package, MTN Free After One, Sunday Special, MTN Jaara, Kokrokoo, the latest MTN call bundles, and more exciting offers. Whether you’re looking for unlimited calls, bundled packages, or international call bundles, we’ve got you covered.

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Introduction to MTN in Ghana

In the realm of telecommunications in Ghana, the key players include MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, and AirtelTigo.

Among these, MTN Ghana takes the lead as the most widely used network in the country. With its comprehensive coverage and cost-effective packages, MTN Ghana has become the top choice for many.

Unveiling MTN Mashup

MTN Mashup is a popular package that provides flexibility by offering bundles for calls, data, or both.


This package was introduced to make it convenient for Ghanaians to enjoy both call and data benefits within a single purchase.

You can choose to allocate your airtime solely for calls, exclusively for data, or divide it between the two, depending on your preferences.

MTN Mashup Code: Dial *567# and select your preferred package. You’ll receive a confirmation message from 567 upon successful selection.

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MTN Mashup Packages

MTN has recently updated its Mashup offerings, including their validity periods. Here are the four main MTN Mashup packages:

  1. GHS 1 Mashup: Offers a choice between different data and call minutes bundles.
  2. GHS 5 Mashup: Provides various bundles combining data and call minutes.
  3. GHS 10 Mashup: Offers bigger bundles for both data and call minutes.
  4. GHS 30 Mashup: Provides a substantial data package.

How to Purchase MTN Mashup Packages

To purchase MTN Mashup packages, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *567#
  2. Choose either “MashUp For Self” or “MashUp For Others”
  3. Select your desired package
  4. Choose between data and call minutes
  5. Select your payment method (Airtime or Mobile Money)

Converting Mashup Minutes Back to Data

Dial *567# and select “Convert Minutes To Data” to change your Mashup minutes to data. This is especially handy if you’ve accumulated more minutes than you can use for calls.

Special Trick: 67MB for GHS 0.07 Pesewas

Dial 5671*1# and enter the amount 0.07 to get 59MB for just GHS 0.07 Pesewas. Repeat the process to accumulate more bundles.

Exploring Other MTN Call Packages

MTN Free After 1: Introduced on November 2, 2018, this offer allows users to make calls for one hour and pay only for the first minute. Recent updates extend this offer to 60 minutes for calls to any network, with only the first minute being charged.

MTN Akwaaba: Also known as MTN Magic Number, this offer welcomes new MTN customers with the chance to make free calls to a selected number for six months.

MTN Ghana International Call Bundles: For cost-effective international calls, these bundles cover countries like Canada, India, the USA, and the UK.

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MTN Sunday Special: Enjoy unlimited calls and SMS on Sundays with two different options: GHS 0.54 Pesewas for calls between midnight and 5:59 PM, or GHS 1 for calls and SMS from midnight to midnight.

MTN Jaara: Available in selected regions, this package offers all-day calling for GHS 0.52.

Kokrokoo Bundle: For GHS 1, enjoy 30 minutes of talk time and 400 MB of data between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

MTN Pay4ME: Enable Pay4Me by dialing 154 before the number you want to call. The receiver will be notified that it’s a pay4me call.


Being informed about the latest MTN call packages ensures that you can make the most of your mobile experience.

From Mashup to special offers like Akwaaba, you have a range of options to suit your communication needs. Keep these codes and packages handy to enjoy the best deals and stay connected effortlessly.

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