Samsung Fridges in Ghana

Samsung Fridges

When it comes to modern refrigeration technology, Samsung stands as a prominent brand that has consistently delivered innovative and reliable appliances.


In Ghana, Samsung fridges have gained a strong foothold, providing consumers with a wide range of options to meet their cooling and storage needs.

From compact models to spacious refrigerators with advanced features, let’s explore the types and prices of Samsung fridges available in the Ghanaian market.

Samsung Fridges in Ghana

1. Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge Silver – ₵5,099.00


Starting off our list is the Samsung RR18T1001SA Fridge in an elegant silver finish. With its sleek design and compact size, this fridge is perfect for smaller kitchens or as a secondary storage option.

Despite its modest dimensions, it offers ample space for your essentials and keeps your items fresh and cool.

2. Samsung 280L Fridge Silver – Special Price ₵5,799.00


This 280L silver fridge combines style and functionality, offering a spacious interior to store your groceries and perishables.

With a rating of 73%, it comes at a special price, making it an attractive option for households seeking a reliable refrigerator within a reasonable budget.

3. Samsung 310L Fridge (RT31HAR4DSA) Silver + Free Sencor SRM 1000SS Rice Cooker – Special Price ₵6,499.00

With an impressive 73% rating, this Samsung 310L fridge comes bundled with a free Sencor SRM 1000SS rice cooker.

This package deal provides both food storage and cooking convenience, making it a great choice for families looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances.

4. Samsung 345L Fridge Silver + Free Sencor SRM 1000SS Rice Cooker – ₵7,999.00

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Featuring a generous capacity of 345L, this Samsung fridge offers ample room for all your groceries and more.

The inclusion of a free Sencor SRM 1000SS rice cooker enhances the value of this package, giving you a complete kitchen solution.

5. Samsung 410L Duracool Twin Cooling Plus Fridge (RT40K5552S8) Silver + Free Sencor SRM 1000SS Rice Cooker – Special Price ₵7,999.00

This 410L Duracool Twin Cooling Plus fridge provides advanced cooling technology to keep your food fresh for longer.

The package also includes a free Sencor SRM 1000SS rice cooker, making it a compelling choice for those seeking superior refrigeration and cooking convenience.

6. Samsung 270L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – ₵8,499.00

This bottom freezer refrigerator offers a unique design that makes accessing your fresh produce and frozen items a breeze.

Its 270L capacity strikes a balance between space and functionality, catering to the needs of various households.

7. Samsung 450L Fridge (RT44K5552S8) Silver + Free Sencor SRM 1800SS Rice Cooker – Special Price ₵8,999.00

With a capacious 450L interior, this Samsung fridge provides abundant storage for larger households.

The inclusion of a free Sencor SRM 1800SS rice cooker adds value to the package, making it an enticing option for those seeking both refrigeration and culinary solutions.

8. Samsung 450L Top Mount Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus™ Silver – Special Price ₵9,799.00

This top mount freezer refrigerator boasts Samsung’s innovative Twin Cooling Plus™ technology, ensuring optimal freshness for your food items.

With its special price offer, it presents an opportunity to bring advanced cooling technology into your kitchen.

9. Samsung 300L Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Water Dispenser – ₵10,499.00

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This double door refrigerator adds the convenience of a water dispenser to your kitchen.

It’s 300L capacity and thoughtful design make it a practical choice for households seeking easy access to chilled water and organized storage.

10. Samsung 290L Fridge Silver (RB29FERNDSA) – ₵10,999.00

Featuring a modern silver finish, this 290L fridge combines style with functionality. With its well-designed interior layout, it ensures efficient use of space and effective cooling performance.

11. Samsung 300L Fridge Silver (RB29FERNDSA) – ₵11,499.00

Similar to its 290L counterpart, this 300L fridge offers additional storage capacity for those who require more space for their groceries and beverages.

12. Samsung 600L Duracool Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator – Black – Special Price ₵13,999.00

For those in search of a high-capacity refrigerator, this 600L Duracool Twin Cooling Plus model stands as an impressive option. Its sleek black exterior and advanced features make it a statement piece in any kitchen.

Samsung fridges in Ghana come in various sizes, styles, and configurations, catering to diverse consumer preferences and needs.

Whether you’re looking for a compact refrigerator for a small space or a spacious unit with cutting-edge technology, Samsung offers a range of options to choose from.

Remember to explore the specifications and features of each model to find the perfect fit for your household.

Prices and offers may vary, so it’s advisable to check with authorized retailers or Samsung’s official outlets for the latest information before making a purchase.

Disclaimer: The prices and information provided are based on the available data at the time of writing and are subject to change. Please verify the details with official retailers or Samsung’s official outlets before making a purchase.

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