Top 10 Banks in Ghana

Top 10 Banks in Ghana

Ghana’s banking landscape has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation over the years, with an array of financial institutions catering to the diverse needs of the population.


The country’s banking sector plays a pivotal role in driving economic development and offering a range of financial services.

Among these institutions, the top 10 banks in Ghana stand out for their significant assets and comprehensive services, making a substantial impact on the nation’s financial landscape.

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Banking Systems in Ghana

The banking industry in Ghana has experienced continuous expansion, marked by the emergence of various private banks.

These institutions serve as catalysts for economic growth, providing essential financial services to individuals, businesses, and the government.

Top 10 Banks in Ghana

1. GCB Bank Asset: $1.306 billion


Nestled in the heart of Accra, GCB Bank Limited, formerly known as Ghana Commercial Bank, has been an integral part of Ghana’s banking landscape since 1953.

With assets valued at $1.306 billion, GCB Bank has transcended its origins as the Bank of the Gold Coast, transforming into a financial juggernaut catering to diverse segments of the economy.

The bank’s expansive reach spans 180 branches and 11 agencies across Ghana, with a dedicated workforce exceeding two thousand individuals.

Its comprehensive suite of financial products and services serves as a cornerstone for individuals, SMEs, parastatal organizations, and large corporations, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

You can check out some GCB bank branches here.

2. Ecobank Ghana (EBG) Asset: $1.273 billion

Ecobank Ghana, a prominent member of the Ecobank Group with a footprint across 36 African nations, commands an impressive asset base of $1.273 billion.

As the pioneer recipient of a universal bank license from the central bank, Ecobank Ghana has been a trailblazer in the financial sector since 1989.

The bank’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity is evident through its diverse offerings, which encompass payment solutions, microfinance services, and even Islamic finance products.

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With a workforce of 1,741 employees and a network of 67 branches, Ecobank Ghana extends its reach to a broad spectrum of customers, ushering in financial inclusion and fortifying the nation’s economic fabric.

3. Absa Bank Ghana Asset: $1.055 billion

Absa Bank Ghana Limited, previously known as Barclays Bank Ghana, boasts a storied legacy dating back to 1917.

With assets totaling $1.055 billion, the bank stands as a pillar of stability and growth within Ghana’s banking sector.

Its comprehensive offerings span personal banking solutions to a wide array of retail, treasury, and banking products for businesses and corporate clients.

Operating through an extensive network of over 70 branches, 164 ATMs, four agencies, three Premier Suites, and eight Prestige Centers, Absa Bank Ghana plays a pivotal role in enhancing financial access and bolstering economic development.

4. Access Bank Ghana Asset: $812 million

Amid the dynamic landscape of banks in Ghana, Access Bank Ghana asserts its presence with an asset valuation of $812 million.

A subsidiary of Access Bank Plc, a Nigerian-based commercial bank, Access Bank Ghana extends its financial prowess through an array of services ranging from personal banking to robust corporate solutions.

Top 10 Banks in Ghana

As the fifth-largest bank in the nation, Access Bank Ghana contributes significantly to the financial vibrancy and growth of Ghana’s economy.

5. Agricultural Development Bank Asset: $462 million

Rooted in the mission to serve the financial needs of Ghana’s agricultural sector, Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) emerges as a vital force in the banking sector.

With assets valued at $462 million, ADB has evolved from its inception in 1965 to cater to the financial aspirations of Ghana’s farmers and agribusinesses.

The bank’s commitment to the agricultural industry is evident through its 64 service locations, comprising 50 branches, 10 agency offices, and four Farm Loan Offices.

With a workforce of 1,489 individuals, ADB contributes to the development of rural areas and agricultural growth, bolstering the foundation of Ghana’s economy.

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6. Fidelity Bank of Ghana Asset: $429 million

In the bustling landscape of banks in Ghana, Fidelity Bank of Ghana emerges as a beacon of progress, armed with assets totaling $429 million.

Formerly known as Fidelity Discount House, the bank secured its commercial banking license in 2006 and swiftly positioned itself as a prominent player in the industry.

Fidelity Bank’s portfolio encompasses a diverse range of financial products and services catering to personal, business, and retail banking needs.

Notably, the bank’s subsidiary, the Financial Inclusion Directorate, actively addresses the needs of the underbanked and unbanked populations, contributing to enhanced financial access and inclusivity.

With a robust network of over 80 branches and 112 ATMs across Ghana, Fidelity Bank of Ghana stands as a testament to indigenous financial growth and innovation.

7. Société Générale Ghana Asset: $407 million

Société Générale Ghana, formerly known as Société Générale – Social Security Bank (SG-SSB), emerges as a distinguished member of the banking elite in Ghana, boasting assets worth $407 million.

The bank’s roots trace back to 1975 when it began operations under the name Security Guarantee Trust Limited, eventually becoming part of the Société Générale banking group.

With a network of 42 branches, Société Générale Ghana stands as a symbol of stability and trust within the financial sector.

The bank’s enduring commitment to serving the diverse financial needs of Ghana’s populace plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s financial landscape.

8. Zenith Bank of Ghana Asset: $372 million

Zenith Bank of Ghana, a subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc based in Nigeria, commands an asset valuation of $372 million, positioning itself as a key player in the financial sector.

Since its inception in 2005, the bank has harnessed innovation to offer cutting-edge banking services to individuals and businesses across Ghana.

A hallmark of Zenith Bank of Ghana’s approach lies in its embrace of mobile banking and real-time internet banking services, which provide convenience and accessibility to its customers.

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With 34 commercial locations, including branches and agencies, the bank contributes significantly to Ghana’s economic development and financial empowerment.

9. National Investment Bank Asset: $348.83 million

National Investment Bank (NIB), as Ghana’s universal bank, boasts assets valued at $348.83 million, signifying its pivotal role in financing key industries.

NIB’s inception dates back to 1963 when the government established the National Development Bank to accelerate the country’s industrialization.

Over the years, NIB has evolved to become a cornerstone of Ghana’s economy, providing essential financial support to the manufacturing, services, construction, and agricultural processing sectors.

With 49 branches and three agencies strategically located across Ghana, NIB’s headquarters in Accra stand as a testament to its commitment to driving economic growth and financial prosperity.

10. Universal Merchant Bank Asset: $260 million

Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd., a venerable institution tracing its origins back to 1972, has firmly established itself as one of the largest merchant banks in Ghana.

Armed with assets totaling $260 million, the bank has achieved recognition for its diverse offerings across the Private, Business, Corporate, and Internet Banking segments.

These offerings encompass Treasury, Trade, and Credit services, catering comprehensively to the financial needs of a broad spectrum of clients.

The bank’s strategic footprint, comprising 31 branches, two UMB Centers for Businesses, and one UMB PPP Incubator Center, reflects its commitment to driving financial progress and fostering economic growth.


In the dynamic landscape of banks in Ghana, these top 10 financial powerhouses stand as testaments to the nation’s unwavering commitment to financial growth, inclusivity, and prosperity.

As the Ghanaian banking sector continues to evolve, these banks remain at the forefront, championing innovation, financial inclusion, and sustainable economic development.

Together, these institutions steer the financial course of the nation, laying the groundwork for a promising and prosperous future for all Ghanaians.

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