Price of PVC Pipes in Ghana

PVC pipes

Are you in the midst of a construction project and looking for the best deals on PVC pipes in Ghana? Curious about the different types of PVC pipes available and their respective prices? Look no further, in this article, we will explore the various types of PVC pipes, their prices, and where you can find them in Ghana.


Whether you are a contractor, plumber, or homeowner in need of reliable plumbing materials, have a read as this article unveils everything you need to know about the prices of PVC pipes in Ghana.

Know More About PVC Pipes

PVC pipes, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride pipes, are widely used in various industries due to their excellent properties including durability, flexibility, chemical resistance, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness. 


PVC pipes are affordable and reduce the cost of handling, transportation, and installation. They have a smooth surface that reduces fluid resistance. PVC pipes are safe for drinking water having high chemical resistance and resistance to UV exposure.

PVC pipes have high mechanical performance and high durability (at least 100 years for underground pipes). They have favourable environmental profiles and are 100% recyclable. They are flexible and can withstand all the atrocities of the weather.

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There are a lot of PVC producers and suppliers in Ghana. These producers and suppliers include; Interplast, Duraplast, DPS Pipes Ghana, Gilson Electrical Enterprise, and Polyfab P.M.E (FZC) among others. These producers and suppliers produce PVC pipes and pipe systems that serve, Ghana, Africa and the globe.


Types of PVC Pipes

Here are some types of PVC Pipes;

PVC-U (Unplasticized PVC): This is the most common type of PVC pipe used for plumbing and water transportation. It is safe for drinking water, lightweight, easy to handle, affordable, and has high mechanical performance, high durability, and high chemical resistance.

C-PVC (Chlorinated PVC): This type of PVC pipe is used for hot and cold water supply in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. It is more ductile than PVC-U and 100% recyclable.

PVC-O (Molecularly Oriented PVC): This is an enhanced version of PVC-U that is produced by turning amorphous unplasticized PVC structure into a much more layered form. It is used for pipes and fittings where high pressure is required, irrigation pipes, sewer systems in unstable grounds, and sewer pumping mains.

PVC-Hi (High Impact PVC): This type of PVC pipe is used for applications that require high-impact resistance.

Other types of PVC pipes include; SWR (Soil, Waste, and Rainwater) pipes, Column pipes, Casing pipes, PVC pipes for agriculture, Suction pipes, Duct pipes and Raiser/drop pipes. These pipes are used for diverse things.

Price of PVC Pipes in Ghana

The price of PVC pipes varies depending on the type, size, company, supplier, retailer or buyer.

20mm PVC Pipes from AF White Pipe are selling for GHS 10.50

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20mm PVC Pipes from Duraplast are selling at GHS 8.50

A 20mm PVC Pipe from Interplast sells at GHS 14.00

On Jumia 20mm PVC-U pipes range from GHS 10.01 to GHS 12.22

Where to Buy PVC Pipes

There are a lot of places to buy PVC pipes some of these places include Duraplast, Interplast, DPS Pipes Ghana, Nizza Plastics, and Tettremann Company Limited. You can also purchase PVC pipes online at, jumiaghana,, and among others.


Telephone: 030 2819 000

Fax: 030 2819 490



Address: Plot No’s: 10, 11, & 12 Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, Accra North.

Telephone: +233 302 223989 / +233 302 225001

Email: /

Tetremann Company Limited

Address: Knutsford Avenue Kantamanto Market

Telephone: +233 24 425 0000

Nizza Plastics


Telephone: 024 463 4287 

It’s recommended to contact these suppliers directly for more information on their products, pricing, and availability.

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What is the price of PVC pipes in Ghana?

The price of PVC pipes in Ghana varies depending on factors such as location, quantity, and brand. Prices can start from as low as GH₵ 5 for fittings and can go up to GH₵ 13.00 for 20mm.

Where can I buy PVC pipes in Ghana?

PVC pipes can be bought in Ghana from various sources, including online marketplaces such as Jumia Ghana and, suppliers such as DPS Pipes Ghana and DURAPLAST Limited, and manufacturers such as Interplast and Polyfab.

Are PVC pipes safe for drinking water?

Yes, PVC pipes are safe for drinking water. PVC-U pipes are commonly used for plumbing and water transportation, and they are safe for drinking water due to their high chemical resistance and durability.

Are PVC pipes recyclable?

Yes, PVC pipes are 100% recyclable. They have favourable environmental profiles and can be recycled into new products.

In conclusion, PVC pipes play a crucial role in the plumbing and construction industries, providing a durable and cost-effective solution for transporting water and other fluids. Throughout this article, we have explored the different types of PVC pipes available in Ghana, as well as their respective prices and where to find them.

With a variety of sizes and specifications to choose from, individuals and businesses can easily find PVC pipes that meet their specific needs and budget. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, PVC pipes continue to be a popular choice due to their reliability and longevity.

As you embark on your plumbing or construction projects, consider the prices of PVC pipes in Ghana and make informed decisions that align with your requirements. By investing in quality PVC pipes, you not only ensure a smooth flow of fluids but also guarantee the long-term durability of your infrastructure.

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