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CAO Status Check – The Central Applications Office (CAO) in South Africa plays a crucial role in facilitating the application process for prospective students seeking admission into various tertiary institutions.


As an aspiring student, it’s essential to stay updated on the status of your CAO application to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of your academic journey.

In this article, we will guide you through how to check CAO status in South Africa, providing step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and answering frequently asked questions on CAO status check.

What Do I need to Check CAO Application Status Online?

To check CAO application status online, you need the following:

  1. Internet Access
  2. Computer or Mobile Device
  3. Username and Password
  4. Login Details
  5. Updated Web Browser

Once you have these requirements in place, you’ll be ready to log into your CAO account and check your CAO application status online.

CAO Status Check –

How To Check CAO Status Online

To access the CAO Portal and check your CAO application status, follow the step by step guide below;

  1. Go to
  2. Enter one of the following identification numbers
  3. CAO Number
  4. ID Number
  5. Passport Number
  6. Click Submit

Checking your CAO status is a vital step in the application process for tertiary institutions in South Africa as it keeps students updated on progress of their application.

If you follow the steps outlined in above, you can easily access your application status through the official CAO website.

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Check CAO Status and Meaning

Understanding the meaning of your CAO statuses will help you interpret your application’s progress accurately. Here are a few common CAO statuses and their meanings:

1. Received

This CAO status indicates that your application has been successfully received by the CAO. It means your submission was acknowledged, and the evaluation process will commence.

2. Being Processed

This CAO application status indicates that your application is currently under review. The CAO is evaluating your qualifications, supporting documents, and other relevant information.

3. Missing Documents

If your CAO application status shows this update, it means the CAO requires additional documents or information to proceed with the evaluation. It is essential to promptly provide the requested materials to avoid delays.

4. Provisionally Accepted

This CAO application status signifies that you have been provisionally accepted into a specific program or institution. It is a positive indication that your application has met the initial requirements, but further documentation or confirmation may be necessary.

5. Final Acceptance

This CAO status confirms that you have received final acceptance into your chosen program or institution. Congratulations! You can now proceed with the necessary steps to secure your place and prepare for your academic journey.

Some Key Notes About Checking CAO Status

It is crucial to monitor your CAO application regularly to stay updated on any changes, requirements, or outstanding documents.

Remember to review any additional information provided on the portal and seek assistance from the CAO support team if needed.

Stay proactive and well-informed throughout the application process to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On CAO Status Check

How often should I check my CAO status?

You can check CAO status regularly, especially during critical periods such as application deadlines and the release of evaluation results.

What should I do if my CAO application status shows Missing Documents?

If your application status shows Missing Documents, provide the requested documents or information to CAO immediately.

Can I change my program choice after submitting my application?

Yes, the CAO platform allows applicants to change their program choices within a specified period.

How long does it take to receive a final CAO acceptance status?

It can take four(4) weeks to several months to receive final acceptance from CAO. The duration for receiving a final acceptance status varies depending on the institution and program you applied to.

Can I appeal a decision if my application is rejected?

Yes, if your application is rejected, you have the option to appeal the decision. The CAO provides a formal appeals process that allows applicants to present additional information or address any concerns.

Is it possible to check CAO status offline?

No, it is not possible to check CAO status offline. The CAO status check updates are available exclusively online.