UMaT Admission Cut-off Points

UMaT Admission Cut-off Points

The University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), located in Tarkwa, Ghana, is renowned for its exceptional academic programs and commitment to producing competent graduates in the fields of engineering, technology, and related disciplines.


As with any reputable academic institution, UMaT has set certain cut-off points for its various programs to ensure academic excellence and maintain a high standard of education.

In this article, we will delve into the UMaT admission cut-off points for different qualifications and explore their significance in the admissions process.

UMaT Admission Cut-off Points:

For aspiring candidates seeking admission to UMaT, meeting the specified cut-off points is an essential requirement. The cut-off points serve as a benchmark, representing the minimum academic performance expected from prospective students. The cut-off points vary depending on the qualifications obtained by the candidates.

  1. SSCE Candidates: For candidates who have completed the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), the UMaT cut-off point is set at 24 points. This means that the total aggregate of their six best subjects should not be less than 24 points for them to be eligible for consideration.
  2. WASSCE Candidates: Candidates who have completed the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) must achieve a minimum of 36 points to meet the UMaT cut-off point. Similar to the SSCE requirement, this aggregate is based on the performance in their six best subjects.
UMaT Admission Cut-off Points

UMaT Admission Cut-off Points for Each Course:

To provide more insight into the cut-off points for specific programs, here is a list of some of the courses offered by UMaT and their corresponding cut-off points:

  1. BSc Chemical Engineering – 08
  2. BSc Mechanical Engineering – 09
  3. BSc Civil Engineering – 08
  4. BSc Computer Engineering – 08
  5. BSc Geological Engineering – 09
  6. BSc Electrical/Electronic Engineering – 07
  7. BSc Materials Engineering – 11
  8. BSc Petroleum Engineering – 06
  9. BSc Petrochemical Engineering – 08
  10. BSc Telecommunication Engineering – 08
  11. BSc Agriculture Engineering – 13
  12. BSc Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering – 10
  13. BSc Metallurgical Engineering – 13
  14. BSc Mathematics – (Cut-off points may vary)
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Are Cut-off Points Taken Seriously?

The UMaT cut-off points are indeed taken very seriously during the admissions process. These points act as a threshold to assess the academic preparedness of prospective students.


Meeting the specified cut-off points ensures that candidates have the necessary foundational knowledge and skills to thrive in their chosen programs.

By upholding these standards, UMaT guarantees that students enrolled in their engineering and technology programs have the best chance of success in their academic pursuits and future careers.

Moreover, it fosters healthy competition among applicants, driving them to strive for academic excellence from an early stage.


UMaT’s cut-off points play a vital role in maintaining academic excellence and ensuring that students are well-prepared for their chosen fields of study.

Meeting these requirements is essential for candidates seeking admission, as it reflects their commitment to education and willingness to excel in their academic journey.

By setting clear and objective criteria, UMaT continues to be a leading institution in producing highly skilled engineers and technologists who contribute significantly to the development of Ghana and beyond.

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