Prices of JBL Bluetooth Headphones in Ghana

JBL Bluetooth Headphones

Are you in the market for high-quality audio gear that brings your music to life with every beat? Look no further than JBL Bluetooth headphones, a brand known for its premium sound and innovative designs. Curious about the prices of JBL Bluetooth headphones available in Ghana? Interested in exploring the diverse range of options and finding the perfect fit for your audio needs?


Join us as we delve into the world of JBL headphones, uncovering their prices, features, and where you can find them. Whether you are a music enthusiast, a fitness fanatic, or someone who appreciates top-notch sound, get ready to immerse yourself in an auditory experience like no other.

About JBL Bluetooth Headphones

JBL is an American audio equipment manufacturer that offers a wide range of products for both home and professional markets. JBL was founded in 1946 and produced its first products, the model D101 15-inch loudspeaker and the model D175 high-frequency driver. Over the years, JBL introduced innovative products and became known for its high-quality audio equipment.


JBL offers a variety of audio products, including speakers, headphones, soundbars, subwoofers, home theatre systems, and computer speakers. They have both wireless Bluetooth speakers and wired options. JBL products are known for their powerful sound and innovative features.

JBL Synthesis is a division of JBL that specializes in providing complete turnkey audio systems for home theatres and media rooms. These systems utilize advanced electronics and loudspeakers to deliver unmatched sound quality.

JBL Professional is another division of JBL that focuses on audio equipment for the professional market. They offer products for cinema, installed systems, live portable setups, EN 54 applications, performance audio, recording, and broadcasting.


In this article, we will look at the JBL Bluetooth headphone; their features, types, prices and where you can find them to purchase. Let’s dive in.

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Types of JBL Bluetooth Headphones

JBL offers a variety of Bluetooth headphones, including over-ear, on-ear, and true wireless earbuds. Here are some of the types of JBL Bluetooth headphones:

JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Over-Ear – Bluetooth Headphones: These over-ear headphones offer 50 hours of battery life, hands-free calls, and a portable design.

JBL Tour Pro 2, JBL Tune 115TWS, JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition, JBL Tune Buds Ghost: These are some of the true wireless earbuds offered by JBL. They come in different colours and offer features such as noise-cancelling, bass, and waterproof design.

JBL CLUB ONE: These over-ear headphones offer professional sound quality with adaptive noise cancelling to keep distractions to a minimum. They also offer integrated smart assistants with 45 hours of wireless connectivity.

JBL LIVE 500BT: These on-ear headphones are colourful but straightforward everyday headphones that stand up to quality tests without breaking the budget. They offer Ambient Aware technology that lets you stay aware of what is happening around you without running your audio experience or making you take off the headphones.

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS True Wireless: These earbuds have an ANC feature that can reduce noise like a charm. They come with a charging case that provides an additional 21 hours of battery life.

JBL Endurance Peak 3: These IP68-rated earbuds have an ear hook design that keeps the earbuds in place during all kinds of movement. They offer 30 hours of playback with a combination of earbud playtime and case charging.

JBL TUNE 660NC: These over-the-ear headphones offer 44 hours of battery life, active noise cancelling, and deep bass audiophiles will appreciate. They also offer Bluetooth, hands-free calling, and voice assistant support.

Features of JBL Bluetooth Headphones

JBL Pure Bass Sound: JBL headphones are known for their powerful bass and clear sound quality.

Bluetooth Connectivity: JBL Bluetooth headphones offer wireless connectivity to your devices, allowing you to listen to music or take calls without being tethered to your phone.

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Long Battery Life: JBL headphones offer long battery life, ranging from 16 hours to 45 hours depending on the model. Some models also offer quick charging features.

Lightweight and Foldable Design: JBL headphones are designed to be comfortable and portable, with lightweight and foldable designs that make them easy to carry around.

Active Noise Cancelling: Some JBL headphones offer active noise-cancelling features that block out external noise, allowing you to focus on your music or calls.

Hands-Free Calls and Voice Assistant Support: JBL headphones offer hands-free calling and voice assistant support, allowing you to make calls or control your device without having to take off your headphones.

Ambient Aware Technology: Some JBL headphones offer Ambient Aware technology that lets you stay aware of your surroundings while still enjoying your music.

Premium Cushions: JBL headphones are designed for comfort, with premium cushions that keep you comfortable for hours of listening time.

Fast Pair Enabled by Google: Some JBL headphones offer Fast Pair enabled by Google, allowing you to immediately pair your headphones to your Android device.

Built-in Microphones: JBL headphones come with built-in microphones that allow you to take calls or use voice assistants without having to take off your headphones.

Prices of JBL Bluetooth Headphones

Here are some prices of JBL Bluetooth Headphones in Ghana:

JBL Live 660 – Over-Ear – Headphone – GHS 2,490 – GHS 3,390

JBL T760 Over Ear Noise Cancelling W/l Headphone – GHS 1,590 – GHS 1,820

JBL Live 660 Over-Ear Headphone – GHS 2,490 – GHS 3,390

JBL T760 Over Ear Noise Cancelling W/l Headphone – GHS 1,590 – GHS 1,820

JBL Super Bass Headphone – GHS 200

JBL Tune 900 Super Bass Headphone – GHS 199

JBL Super Bass 2 Wireless Headset – GHS 250

JBL Super Bass Bluetooth Headset – GHS 189

The price of JBL Bluetooth headphones varies depending on the seller, location and type. The above prices are the prices from Jumia and Jiji. But, the price for JBL Bluetooth headphones is as low as GHS 150 and as high as GHS 3,000.

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Where to Buy JBL Bluetooth Headphones

You can purchase JBL products, especially JBL Bluetooth headphones can be bought at any mobile phone accessories shop or purchased online. For online you can purchase them from; offers a variety of JBL Bluetooth headphones, including earbuds and over-ear headphones. Some of the models available include JBL Tune 130 Nc Tws and JBL Live 200 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband. Prices range from GH₵ 450 to GH₵ 1,050. offers a wide selection of JBL Bluetooth headphones, including phone Bluetooth headsets and other accessories. Customers can enjoy fast delivery and cash-on-delivery options. Prices vary depending on the model is another online marketplace that offers JBL Bluetooth headphones. Customers can browse a variety of models, including earbuds and over-ear headphones. Prices start from GH₵ 100

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In conclusion, the world of audio technology has been revolutionised by JBL Bluetooth headphones, offering an exceptional auditory experience that transcends traditional boundaries. With their impressive sound quality, wireless convenience, and sleek designs, JBL headphones have become a symbol of audio excellence for music lovers and enthusiasts alike.

As you consider the diverse range of JBL Bluetooth headphones available in Ghana, you are presented with options that cater to various preferences and needs. From over-ear models that provide immersive sound isolation to compact in-ear options perfect for on-the-go activities, JBL offers a headphone for every lifestyle.

When it comes to finding the right fit for your musical journey, exploring local electronics stores or reputable online retailers can lead you to the ideal pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones. As you make your selection, keep in mind the features that matter most to you, whether it’s crystal-clear sound, comfortable wear, or extended battery life.

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